Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book discussions

Discussions of Tecker and its upcoming release have yielded interesting responses.  I tell listeners of the book's main character, Robbie Toe, and of its villain, the hyper-sexualized fourteen year old, Blue Jean.  The assumption people have when I tell them that the book is about bullying and false accusations is that the antagonist, not the victim, is the girl.  That's an interesting take on the subject, is what I hear.

If I'm lucky, Tecker will fall into the hands of somebody who thinks it's preposterous that girls can be so maliciously inventive and that I, the author, am someone possessed of a warped imagination that should not be given audience.  If I'm lucky, really lucky, my book will be banned.

Should I be so hopeful?

I endeavored to give voice to a population of innocent men who fall prey to bored, flippant girls who are very much aware of the power of sex to win over the attention of those in positions of authority.  Blue Jean, at least for the first three quarters of the book, wins over the school, the police, the justice system, and pretty much everybody in her small town.  I'll let my readers decide if the ending is appropriate -- that is, if it is a snapshot of justice in a culture oftentimes disinclined to defer to the truth.


  1. You're hopeful it will be banned? LOL! Good luck with that. ;o) I hope your book sheds some light and forces people to take a closer look at society and its countless faults. I think your book is going to be tremendous. And I have to say, congratulations to you, for writing about something that is most likelt considered quite controversial. (I say 'most likely' because where I'm from, it wouldn't be. I think Australians are more open to 'difference'. But that's just an assumption on my part. If I knew more about American culture I'd be able to give an an educated opinion.) Once again, so excited about this book. Perhaps you'll take the world by storm just like Truman Capote and 'In Cold Blood'?!?

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  3. Thank you! I, too, hope the book sheds some light on an issue that has been shirked for too long.