Monday, January 16, 2012

A rather unexpected coincidence: Robbie Toe and the WM3

I happened upon an HBO documentary called Paradise Lost 3, which is about how three men were wrongly convicted of three murders in 1993.  The men, called the West Memphis Three, spent, I believe, eighteen years in prison all because a judicial system wanted to quickly pin a guilty verdict on somebody for the heinous crime against three eight year old boys.   Naturally, I was struck by this story and how it compared to All the Bad Things.  Just like the WM3, Robbie Toe might be called "white trash."  In addition, my protagonist is from a small town, and he, likewise, was guilty until proven innocent.  It seems that those who advocated for the WM3 had been sounding the same horn as I am sounding now -- that justice is sometimes miscarried when innoncent men are thrown in jail by communities with mob mentalities.  I hope, in its own small way, All the Bad Things adds to the chorus of those who are outraged by false convictions and the consequences of hurrying verdicts.

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